Lunch Information

Entheos serves Breakfast, Lunch and Kindergarten snacks. Our goal is to provide healthier meals than the typical school menu.


Elementary Lunch Prices:

Lunch for K-5th is $2.00


Middle School (Larger Portions):

Lunch for 6th-8th is $2.15

Lunch for 9th is $2.25


Reduced Lunch Prices:

Breakfast is $0.30

Lunch is $0.40


Visitor and Guest Prices

Breakfast: $1.25

Lunch: $2.25


Extra Milk: $0.30


Each lunch comes with 1 milk and 1 apple juice. If a student gets 2 milks, even if they are on free or reduced lunch, they will be charged $0.30 for the extra milk.

You can make cash or check payments to the front office and credit card payments using Compass. Don’t forget to check out the Income Eligibility Application Form to see if your family qualifies for free or reduced price meals.

Lunch money balances can be checked online through compass.