Looping: At Entheos, teachers will generally continue with their group of students for more than one year.  This will enable teachers to get to know their students better and facilitate stronger partnerships with parents.  Teachers may loop for grades 1-2, 4-5.

Class Size: At Kindergarten, classes will have approximately 26 students.  For grades 1-6 classes will have between 25 and 28 students.  If there are more than 25 students in classes at a given grade, an aide will be assigned to work with teachers (providing two teachers and one aide for a maximum of 56 students).

Class Configuration: There will be two classes per grade, and the two classrooms at each grade level will be joined by doors and windows, where possible, to facilitate greater collaboration.

Curriculum: In addition to expeditions, the elementary program will utilize Fountas and Pinnell Reading Program, 6+1 Writing Traits and Singapore Math.  These programs will assist staff in helping our students develop a sound foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Community-Based Curriculum/Discovery:  At Entheos, we believe every student is gifted, and the Discovery Program is designed to help students recognize and utilize those gifts.   A concerted effort will be made to engage students in their community, through service and otherwise, as well as to utilize community resources to help students identify their talents, develop their skills, and expand their interests.