What is Discovery?
Discovery is a program designed to give students opportunities to discover new gifts and interests. Discovery brings local experts into our school to share their passion and teach new skills to Entheos students. Discovery also takes Entheos students into the community to participate in local service opportunities.

Discovery fosters a culture of students who:

  • Enjoy new learning experiences.
  • Know how to behave in new classes with new teachers
  • Know how to behave when out of the school on field work and service outings

Discovery is:

  • Exploration
  • Guided discovery
  • Trying new things

Discovery Goals:

  • Have students discover they can do more than they think they can
  • Help students understand the meaning and learn perseverance.

To learn more about the Discovery programs offered at each campus, please select your campus below.

Entheos Academy Kearns or Entheos Academy Magna