Jaren GibsonBoard Chair

Contact Information
E-mail: jaren.gibson@entheosacademy.org

Phone: 801-809-0485

Jaren is one of the original founders of Entheos.  He has served as chair of Entheos’ Board of Trustees for ten years.  He is a graduate of Weber State University and is president of Grace Company, a local manufacturer of quilting frames, hoops and other quilting tools.


Xazmin Prows, Board Member

Contact Information:
E-mail: xazmin.prows@entheosacademy.org
Phone: 801-694-7885


Rod Eichelberger, Board Member

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E-mail: rod.eichelberger@entheosacademy.org
Phone: 801-815-6406

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Stephanie Gibson, Board Member

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E-mail: stephanie.gibson@entheosacademy.org
Phone: 801-


Kathy Larrabee, Board Member

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E-mail: kathy.larrabee@entheosacademy.org
Phone: 801-969-7449

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Alisha Cartier, Board Member

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E-mail: alisha.cartier@entheosacademy.org
Phone: 801-503-0149

I’m a wife and mother. I was the student representative my senior year for our school board. I attended every meeting my senior year. I was a member of student government at UVSC on the service committee and served as the assistant director my second year. I have worked with youth of all ages in various ways in my church as well as serving as the president of the women’s organization (RS). I am a founding member for the Magna campus.


Wes FurgasonBoard Member

Contact Information:
E-mail: wes.furgason@entheosacademy.org
Phone: 801-201-1095

Wes began serving as an Entheos board member in 2013. He has also served the Magna community as the local arts council president since 2008. Wes is a Network Operation Engineer and Technical Advocate for the Utah Education Network. UEN, one of the nation’s premier education networks. It connects all Utah school districts, schools, and higher education institutions to a robust network and quality educational resources. Wes brings with him 20 years of experience and knowledge in technology, networking and network security. Wes is also an accomplished musician, actively performing and supporting the local music scene for nearly a decade. Wes is also a husband and father of 4.


Nathan PilcherBoard Member

Contact Information:
E-mail: nate.pilcher@entheosacademy.org

Nate is a graduate of the University of Utah. He currently works as Director of Business Development for Easton Technical Products, a local archery and sporting goods manufacturer. He brings to the Entheos Board marketing, event planning and public relations experience. Nate has lived in Magna for 11 years, and has participated in the Magna community through religious service and is currently serving on the Magna Planning and Zoning commission. He is a husband and father of four, a keeper of bees, cows, rabbits and chickens and enjoys home improvement, gardening and woodworking.

Annette BarneyBoard Secretary

Contact Information:
E-mail: annette.barney@entheosacademy.org